Brandon Langley

Portfolio Manager

Brandon delights in finding objectivity through the abundance of price data available in the market. He believes this data is powerful because it can be harnessed in a way that makes sticking with a financial plan more emotionally manageable, even during uncertain market environments.

He joined the Bluegrass Capital Advisors team in 2016 in a sub-advisory capacity, but he’s been collaborating with fellow Portfolio Manager Jon Robinson since 2003.

Brandon and Jon honed their investment management philosophy in the futures markets during the Financial Crisis. As they spent tens of thousands of hours researching financial market prices and navigating through the Financial Crisis and Great Recession, Brandon and Jon became convinced of the importance of process and behavior on investors achieving their financial goals. It motivated them to create an asset management firm that could offer systematic, repeatable, and rules-based investment strategies to clients of financial advisory firms like Bluegrass Capital Advisors.

Prior to teaming with Jon full time, Brandon was a Credit Risk Manager for Wells Fargo’s automotive lending division, Wells Fargo Dealer Services.

He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Brandon Langley, Bluegrass Capital Advisors Portfolio Manager

Country 'Kid'

Brandon is a “country kid” at heart, with a passion for working and playing on the family farm he was born and raised on in rural North Carolina. Growing up on a commercial farm taught him the value of systems, processes, and efficiency – a solid foundation for his future interest in systematic investing and trend following.

On weekends, Brandon is usually found soaking up every possible drop of daylight hours outside while playing games with his children Emma and James, riding ATVs, or chasing the family’s yellow lab Max.

Family vacations involve plenty of outdoor time as well, whether it’s on a beach or in the mountains.

He and his wife Ashley met in high school and married in 2005. When childcare is available, they enjoy date nights close to home as well as the opportunity to travel together.

Additionally, Brandon supports his private high school alma mater by volunteering his time as an advisor.

Brandon Langley fishing with his family