Justin Edmisten

Relationship Manager

As a business and economics student, Justin has a broad understanding of what it takes to build and operate a successful financial services business – and has found his personal niche in the area of client service.

His ability to efficiently respond to questions and provide hands-on support ensures the core principles of Bluegrass Capital Advisors are demonstrated in every interaction a client has with our team.

Edmisten is currently attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, working on earning a bachelor’s degree in business and economics.

Justin Edmisten, Blueprint Capital Advisors Relationship Manager

Family & Flick Fanatic

Justin has resided in Ramseur, NC, his entire life and absolutely loves it. He enjoys the seasons the state has to offer, but more importantly, values being close to his family and friends.

Every week since he was young, his extended family meets at his grandparents’ home to enjoy dinner together. Sharing quality time over a meal, as well as watching sports or movies, is something Justin continues to look forward to week in and week out.

He’s also a flick fanatic. We twisted his arm for a few recommendations – you’re welcome – and a few he suggested as his favorites include “The Green Mile,” “The Truman Show,” and “Good Will Hunting.”

Justin Edmisten with his extended family posing for a photo