How We Get You To Your Desired Financial Future

The core principles of Bluegrass Capital Advisors are demonstrated at each stage of our process for partnering with clients:


Our team meets with you – by video, phone, or in-person, depending on your preference and timeline.

The purpose of these conversations is to gain a shared vision of your financial future. Our team wants to learn about your needs, priorities, and aspirations. We’ll ask clarifying questions to ensure we understand what peace of mind looks like to you, as well as what will make you confident you’re on the right track to reach your financial goals and experience the lifestyle you desire.

The information exchanged will also help you and our team confirm whether continuing to build a partnership is good fit.


Our team will collect information about your current financial picture and marry that data with what you shared about your vision for the future.

The end product will be a custom financial plan that provides a roadmap our team believes can get you to your desired financial future.

Our team will meet with you to present the proposed financial plan, discuss alternative scenarios, model “what if” scenarios, and share additional recommendations personalized for your financial situation.


For you, this is the paperwork stage. For us, this is the make-it-happen stage.

You’ll feel our team’s experience and commitment to service as we work alongside you to make this phase as smooth as possible.

The end result will depend on your financial plan but usually includes a few of the following: opening investment accounts, applying for insurances, transferring or rolling over assets, addressing estate planning needs, and retitling accounts or properties.


This final stage is an ongoing one, as our team continually demonstrates our value, integrity, and trustworthiness to you year after year.

Our team will continually monitor your financial plan and proactively reach out to share portfolio updates, perspective on the markets, and suggestions for adjusting your plan if your financial situation changes.

We will work with you to determine your preferred frequency for formal financial reviews. You’ll also have anytime-access to a fully personalized online financial management portal due to Bluegrass Capital Advisors' investment in innovative technology for financial planning and account management.

Most importantly, you’ll have a standing invitation to reach out to our team anytime you have a question, want to discuss what’s happening in the markets, or need a partner to navigate the maze of financial decision that must be made during major life events.

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